Hello, win column

It’s not how I envisioned it…

Is anything ever how we envisioned it, incidentally?

But I will consider today a win.

Today there was no secret eating.

Today there was no Coke or Dr. Pepper, no Diet Coke, even.  There was water and there was milk.

Today there was Arby’s roast beef, but no fries or cheese sauce or Arby’s sauce.

There was Applebee’s for dinner, but no fried anything or appetizer bingeing.  (I had this shrimp and rice situation that was on their under 550 cal menu, thankyouverymuch)

Today there was no formal exercise, but there was a concerted effort to tickle/wrestle my son and fling us both around for a little while, and for a fattie like me, that’s a bit of a workout.

Tomorrow is another day, another challenge.  Tomorrow I will be surrounded by family again, and while I know for some others those are the hard times… I’m blessed that for me those are the easy times.  

At least for food.

But that’s another blog.


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