Well, so much for that idea.

I had Arby’s for lunch.

I know, right?

OK so here’s the good news.  It wasn’t secret eating.

We just bought a new house, so my husband and I were painting at the new house and my parents were helping.  My dad went and got a bunch of Arby’s sandwiches for everybody.

So, I had Arby’s.

But you know, it wasn’t the drive thru.  It wasn’t a “snack” or a second lunch… which would certainly not be out of the question in past history.

Also, I just had a roast beef sandwich.  No fries, not smothered in sauce or cheese, no soft drink.  Just a sandwich.

I’m gonna call that a win.

Also, after I posted last night, my husband and I had a heart to heart.

Starting Monday (the work week is when I struggle most… weekends I’m not as sneaky) I’ll be leaving my debit card at home when I go to work.  At least for a little while.  Less temptation.

Baby steps.


5 thoughts on “Well, so much for that idea.

  1. Small steps! I think it’s better to start out slowly and change things a little at a time. If you just do a 180, it’s harder to keep it going! Good job!

  2. You did awesome and I love that you had a heart to heart with your husband. It is impossible to go through this journey alone!!

    • Yes, Saturday night when we got in bed he could tell something was wrong and I spilled. I didn’t give him the full extent of everything – as far as how many times, where, how long this has been going on, etc… We decided that’s not necessarily helpful information because it only brings my shame and sadness and makes me feel even worse about myself, which ruins any positive thinking and determination and willpower that I may have had going for me.
      I’m lucky that my husband has some tangential experience with people in 12 step programs, so he agreed that a complete account of all wrongdoing was not needed or helpful.
      He asked me what I need, and I said that if it doesn’t look like I’m eating (not taking lunch from home to work, skipping dinner) that doesn’t mean that I’m not eating… it means I’m eating elsewhere.
      I asked him to take the debit card away for a little while. Just to help me stay honest. To me this is not much different than taking the keys away from an intoxicated person, or putting an internet blocker on a teenager’s computer.

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