dodged a bullet

It was probably good that my husband confiscated my debit card last night and didn’t tell me where he put it.

I was up and out of the house before he got up, and I could have very easily “forgotten” to give it to him this morning.

I would be lying if I said it didn’t cross my mind to attempt to find the card this morning.

It’s a strange thing, fighting with your own thoughts.  But I think that for almost as long as I’ve driven a car (so, nearly half my life), my first thought upon getting in the driver’s seat has been “what drive thru am I stopping at on my way?”

Isn’t that weird?

Literally my first thought.  Almost like an instinct.

Must.  Find.  McDonald’s.

This morning was no different.

The way that I imagine normal people may be able to rattle off the locations of grocers, gas stations, or department stores… that ability to be on the other side of town and still know the quickest way to the closest Target.

That’s me and McDonald’s.

Or Wendy’s.

Or Jack in the Box.

Or Chicken Express.  Mmmm.

OK, I should stop listing them now – this is about to go to a dark and dangerous place.

Anyway, I thought about it.  That Sausage Egg McMuffin was calling my name this morning.

But I didn’t do it.  I got here safe and sound with no grease-stained bag in hand.

I even brought my lunch today!  (Applebee’s leftovers from Saturday.  The uneaten half of my son’s grilled cheese sandwich, and a riblet that was apparently too much for my mom to handle.)

So here I sit, blogging and tech supporting, sipping my ice water.  My office mate has to listen to my stomach growl.  But you know, I have to listen to her talk.  So we’re even.

Sorry, office mate.  I get a little mean when I’m hungry.


One thought on “dodged a bullet

  1. Good so far! You could come up with some healthy snack ideas if you get hungry so you have something smart to pick from instead of splurging on something “bad” when you get a growling stomach. Maybe yogurt, fruit, trail mix, veggies & peanut butter, etc?

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