I’m Starting to Get Used to This

Four days in, and feeling good.

Still no fast food.  Had a little peanut butter on toast for breakfast.

I know right?  Look at me, having breakfast!

Lunch was a deliciously processed frozen dinner of some kind of chicken pasta with a basil cream situation happening.  I dug it.

Lots of ice water at the office again.  Only took a single serve bag of Annie’s Chocolate Chip Bunny Graham things.  120 calories, not too shabby.

Dinner was meatloaf and a glass of milk.

So, I type this and I realize I’m a little low on the vegetable content, but still, this is so much better than my old meal routine.

Which was, for the record…

sausage egg mcmuffin, hash browns and a diet coke for breakfast

skip lunch, binge on sweet and salty almond bars at work

on the way home grab a quarter pounder with no pickles or onions (wouldn’t want to accidentally eat a veggie there)

don’t forget the large fries and another diet coke

go ahead and eat normal dinner anyway at home so the husband doesn’t catch on to the secret eating

Yeah.  I think I’ll take my meatloaf and milk and call that a victory.

Anyway, that whole list up there reminds me of this Tenacious D classic.  Forgive the vulgar language, but it’s Jack Black, people.


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