Taking Deep Breaths

My office mate is a nice lady.

This is my third full week working here.  (Summer job.  Teacher August-June, Tech Support June-August.)

The first week I liked her.

The second week I got annoyed that she chastised me for skipping lunch every day.

“You need to eat, you’re just slowing down your metabolism, and that makes it harder to lose weight.”

Umm… I didn’t say I was trying to lose weight… so… thanks.

Anyway, now that I am trying to lose weight I brought my lunch today like a good little girl.  A frozen dinner – house brand Lean Cuisine, basically.

“I used to eat a lot of that processed stuff but now I make my own from scratch.  So much healthier and better for your body.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Stop one-upping me, lady.  I’m just trying NOT to run screaming for a Baconator right now.  Shut up and drink your home made protein bullshit.  Organic, grass fed, bull shit.

Have I mentioned I get a little mean when I’m hungry?


2 thoughts on “Taking Deep Breaths

  1. Whatever…she’s commenting when she doesn’t need to. In the grand scheme of things, if you eat one of those every day, you’re doing awesome! I also eat one every day for lunch. While it might be a little high on sodium, I think the fact that you get a good amount of veggies and it’s a smaller portion make it a good trade-off.

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