Still on the Wagon

My husband let me have my debit card alone for a little bit last night.

I hesitate to post something like that, because my inner women’s libber want’s to be like “let me?  LET me?  Oh no you DIDN’T!!!”

So I just want to put it out there that this is an agreement we made together that I’m relinquishing control of the debit card for a little while.  Just until I create a pattern of success as far as breaking my drive thru habit.

So, last night I needed the debit card to go make an ATM deposit, and my son and I drove to the bank and got that done. I passed a Sonic, an Arby’s, a Wendy’s, a McDonald’s, and a Jack in the Box.  Passed, I tell you. 

So, that felt good.  A little willpower in action.

Incidentally, not to go into Everything I Eat Mode… but I’ve pretty much kept up the same kind of diet that I described on Wednesday for the remainder of the week.  “Weight Loss Shake” for breakfast.  Carrots and yogurt as snacks, salad and/or frozen dinner for lunch, and a sensible dinner at home.

Which brings me to my love/hate relationship with Slim-Fast shakes (mine are off brand, but the same concept).  Does the phrase “and a sensible dinner” flash back to Slim-Fast for anyone else but me?  I get visions of Tomma Lasorda, or the Slim Fast can with a belt on.

The love part.  I think they taste good.  Or at least good enough.  I’m not, like, choking it down.  They’re super easy for a non-morning person such as myself who refuses to take time to eat breakfast at a table or at my desk.  I drink the shake in the car, and I’m good.

I hate the name.  I feel like I’m a fad-dieter when I’m drinking a “Slim Fast” or a “Weight Loss Shake”.  It’s like I’m buying into a get-rich-quick scheme.

I hate buying them.  I feel like I’m being judged by the cashier or the people behind me in line.  “Slim Fast?  Yeah, good luck with that, lady.”

Why am I so weird about this?  Am I being crazy?

What other no-prep breakfast options are out there with the convenience of a Slim Fast?  Anyone?


2 thoughts on “Still on the Wagon

  1. First off, who cares what anyone thinks. Screw ’em. Second, try these for breakfast:
    -Luna bars
    -Cliff bars
    -Those dried nut-and-fruit bars they have at Starbucks
    -whole-wheat eggo waffles
    -Emerald breakfast-on-the-go nut packages. Freakin delicious and fills me up for longer than the waffles.

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