Keepin on keepin on

Sorry I fell off the face of the earth for a couple of days there.  I assure you that everything is going well.  The highlights of the last few days:

Still no drive thru, fast food, or secret eating.  I can’t even tell you how huge this is in my life.  If last Saturday’s Arby’s with the family counts as my last fast food excursion, that means I am now completing my 10th day of fast food “sobriety”.  I’m super excited about that.

I have had restaurant food three consecutive days and I’ve made decent choices.

Olive Garden Saturday night with a friend from high school and our families.  Victories:

  • chose to drink water
  • didn’t even TOUCH a single breadstick
  • chose a dish off the low-calorie menu, so nothing alfredo or parmesan or carbonara

Mexican food with church friends Sunday night.  Victories:

  • no sour cream or queso
  • tacos with grilled shrimp and lots of veggies
  • chose water

Monday lunch at Chili’s with a colleague.  Victories:  Facts:

  • Well… um…. I had chicken fingers, fries, and a diet coke…  but the good news is I spent most of the day walking around, standing around, chugging water, climbing stairs, etc. – otherwise known as NOT sitting on my butt and stuffing my face with mindless food.  So while I can’t necessarily call the Chili’s trip a “win”, I’m willing to at least partially justify it due to increased activity that day.

Today it was back to work, which meant back to the routine.  (How far I’ve come that I no longer fear the work week and its drive thru temptation!)  Slim-Fast for breakfast, carrots, yogurt, frozen dinner (for lunch) and then homecooked food for dinner.  Lots of water.

I have not weighed myself since a little over a week ago when my grandma offered to pay me to lose weight.  Our bathroom scale is at the new house, and I haven’t been there much over the last few days.

I think it’s just as well.  I’m sure I’ve lost some weight, but I worry that I’m not yet ready to analyze results.

If I got on the scale and didn’t see much of a loss after 10 days, I would probably be pissed and discouraged.

If I DID see a big loss, I might get complacent.  And then in another week when I didn’t see ANOTHER big loss, I would probably be pissed and discouraged.

So, I’m just going to keep on trucking, and maybe eventually I’ll re-weigh.  But not anytime really soon.


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