Diet Bet

So about a week ago I joined a Diet Bet with a bunch of ladies from an online moms group I’ve been a part of for the last two (well, almost three, really) years.

Everyone put in $35.00.  Your goal is to lose 4% in 4 weeks.  Everyone can win, everyone can lose (I guess?  Didn’t really ask about that… I guess that’s how DB makes their money), or whoever meets the goal splits the pot.

Let’s recap up to this point.  I weighed myself a month ago when I started this blog and I was 212.8.  Technically it was June 23.  Since then, I’ve abstained from fast food and started doing Zumba two or more times per week.

A week ago, starting the Diet Bet, my initial weight in was 215.

What kind of a load of shit is that?  I mean really.

(And actually, honestly, my DB starting weight is 217 because I was holding my iPad to take a picture of the scale.  But I don’t really count that in my head.  Don’t worry ladies, I’ll hold the iPad in the final weight in too.  Case and everything.)

Anyway.  This week has been a little rough.  We basically have officially moved in to our new house now.  But we’re in the midst of painting the kitchen cabinets, everything is in boxes, we have no microwave, and limited kitchen use in general.  But, I have stayed the course.  Still no drive thru.

I guess I can’t exactly say I’ve been Fast Food Free the whole time… yesterday, the little boy and I had Wendy’s.  But I’m saying I’m still “Fast Food Free since June Twenty Three” (catchy, right?) and here’s why.

It was planned, on purpose, go inside and sit at a table, have a meal “fast food”.  No in-car eating.  No secrets.  Not in between meals or a “treat” or a “snack”.  I ordered a half size Apple Pecan Chicken Salad.  I stayed well under my calorie goal for that meal and for the day.

So, still Fast Food Free Since June Twenty Three, as far as I’m concerned.

Today, end of the day, wearing normal clothes and NOT holding an iPad, I weighed in at 208.8.  Boom.

Finally!  A little tiny itty bitty bit of payoff.

My DB goal weight will be 208.3 WHILE holding the iPad, which means 206.3 or less, basically.  Another couple of pounds and three weeks to do it!


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