46 days “clean”

I’m sitting at my desk eating clementines and drinking water.  This is who I have become.

Tuesday I did Zumba, outdoors, in Texas.  Not gonna lie, I forgot my water, so I kind of actually almost blacked out.  (As I tell my students, this was a “poor choice”.)  I won’t be making that mistake again, but I plan to be at crazy outdoor Texas Zumba again tonight.  It’s supposed to be about 100 degrees with a heat index of 104 at that time (7:15pm).  Today’s actual high will be 105 with a heat index of 109, I’m told.

I figure if I could probably lose a pound just standing outside for 45 minutes… Zumba’s got to be dropping the pounds.

The biggest thing at this point is trying to set myself up for success once school starts back in a couple of weeks.  Getting used to having breakfast and packing lunch.  Keeping water around.  Keeping up with Zumba and keeping time for that in my schedule.  Not taking up every offer of lunch out with the other teachers during our inservice/training week.  Or at least making smart choices when I do go out.

Any other tips for staying on track with a new routine?


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